Orientations Gallery - Antique Japanese Masterpieces
Orientations Gallery - Antique Japanese Masterpieces

Orientations Gallery
New York City
Tel: 212-772-7705
Fax: 212-317-0323
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The museum-quality collection of Japanese art and antiques of Orientations Gallery represents the best craftsmanship and artistry ever produced.

The gallery carries Japanese decorative arts of the 18th and 19th centuries: exquisite antique cloisonné enamels, bronzes, married metalwork inlaid with shakudo and shibuichi, art lacquer, carvings in wood and ivory including okimono and netsuke, ojime, inro, textiles including fukusa, kesa and obi, silver and articulated insects and animals and Satsuma. Many of the objects are signed by artists who were celebrated in their own times as Imperial Court Artists and won numerous awards at World Fairs and international expositions.

Now in its 28th year, the gallery maintains close relationships with major museums, collectors, and art institutions internationally. A personalized introduction is provided with explanations of the techniques and themes that add to one's enjoyment. Each carefully selected object must exhibit the highest standards of condition and outstanding technical virtuosity.

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